Wednesday, November 28, 2007


i have been in college for more than 1100 days and now i am down to my last 15...

where did the time go?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

when it rains it pours...

Murphy's Law - "Anything That Can Possibly Go Wrong, Does"

-lost my camera
-ipod broke (and apple won't fix it)
-almost ran out of gas
-phone died
-and the batteries in my tv remote died.

*as of 6:41 pm, 11/25/07.

i know the last couple of ones are kinda small but it is not like it made anything better...
the first two things though really blew my mind! (side note: I LOVE TO TAKE PICS AND I LOVE MUSIC!!!)

i have taken more than 10,000 pictures with that camera. It was a Sony Cybershot P-200 and i have the extra lens attachments (wide angle and zoom in lens)...and now all i have is the lenses...

as for the ipod = overpriced, over-rated piece of sh!t. the freakin headphone jack broke...i only get sound out of my left headphone speaker...what is that all about!!! My manufacture warranty ran out this past May, and no i didn't buy an extended warranty. so yeah, basically i have an really, really nice external hard-drive and i am pretty sure the battery is going to die sooner or later...oh yeah i drove an apple store, 1hr out of my way, just to hear them tell me that they couldn't/wouldn't replace or fix it...

***if you have an ipod and it still is under that manufacture warranty, i suggest you extend it...

i've lost gas plent of times no biggie...since i didn't lose gas this time...and i was on the interstate...but thankfully the tercel has a "flux capacitor and can run off of 1.21 gigawatts"

cell phone dying = no biggie...i probably could find a person on earth or mars that hasn't had this happen. besides after losing my camera and ipod, i didn't feel like talking to anyone...

and to top things off...after a long a$$ day, the batteries in my remote died...and it happen to be on one of the most boring channels on tv...PBS aka UNC-TV aka "The Sesame St." channel. when i was younger i didn't have cable, so i only had about 5 channels...ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and sometimes Fox. the only time i turned to PBS was to watch "Sesame St." hence "The Sesame St." channel. well unfortunately since it was late in the evening, you guessed no "Sesame St.", it was a boring interview between two old they even show "Sesame St." anymore???

but i try not to get to could always be worse, but hopefully tomorrow will be better day...besides its not like i have anything left to lose/break....knock on wood!

Monday, November 19, 2007


through my plastic glasses i see a mirage of various shapes and colors and through it all, i still can see a parade of elephants marching on the horizon...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


my plastic glasses

when you think of these three words what comes to mind...hmm? plastic glasses or plastic glasses...well when i think of that phrase, i think of two things; it can either be a plastic glass that you drink out of (which is an oxymoron) or a pair of plastic glasses, those great inventions that help the visually impaired. i have owned several of both.