Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ghosts in the Machine

I am an artist who specializes in using non traditional media… old books, cassettes, playing cards, magazines, credit cards… whatever I can find. It feels great to work with strange, older materials. Things that have a mind of their own. Most everything I use has been thrown away or donated at some point. Past its prime, like some of the finest things in the world.
~ iri5

Jimi Hendrix out of cassette, commission, 2009 (cassette is real, no paint, no photoshop)

Bob Dylan, cassette on canvas, 2009

A portrait of Martin Luther King Jr made out of pictures from the American Civil Rights Movement

A Portrait of Muhammad Ali composed out of photographs from his life.

Portrait of Salvador Dali made out of peices of his paintings.

A detailed look at portrait of William Shakespeare made entirely out of text from his sonnets.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cucumber Soap

one year ago today i took this was the day i figured out that i was allergic to something.


my skin didn't agree w/ this soap at felt like ants were crawling all over good.

its funny b/c i usually take a lot of pics, especially when i'm in the mood but this was the only picture i took that day...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vans X Supreme

I damn near broke my neck when I came across shoes on other sites, did a few double takes...not sure why b/c there isn't anything spectacular about them but for whatever reason it is, I'm diggin em'! Honestly i only really like the black ones but the others are cool just not me...







These joints drop tomorrow (via Supreme) and I'm definitely thinking about coping a pair or two...besides my go-to pair of Vans need a break...

Where the Wild Things Are

Another movie that I'm looking forward to is Spike Jonze' Where Are The Wild Things.

Although I wasn't going nuts like the rest of the kids in kindergarden, I still enjoyed the story...the parts that I can remember...

Whether this movie translates well and appeals to adult and kids thing for sure is w/ the poster below and others it looks promising...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Economy goes down, Lottery goes up...and Chick-Fil-A wins

Everyday during lunch I walk by a PowerBall TV and everyday I get more tempted to test my luck...

Every morning a crowd will gather around that TV, patiently staring to see if their numbers hit...and i've noticed that crowd has been getting bigger and bigger. Kind of like the crowd you would see at a Soup Kitchen...people standing in line knowing they are gonna be served sh!t but thinking maybe just maybe today they [the kitchen] will server grandma's cooking...

although you can't blame us for being optimistic...

You know, how come you never see a headline that reads 'Psychic Wins Lottery?' Hmmm...Is it b/c Psychic's are phony or Lotteries are phony or both???


"We chicken nugget, we dip in the sauce like mop and bucket
Blue-collar scholars, who'll take your dollar and wipe my ass wit it
You livin for the lotto never hit it..."
~Andre 3000

sidenote: speaking of chicken nuggets...yo Chick-Fil-A is expensive as hell now!!!! well actually it always has been expensive but $7.43 for i nicely breaded, specially seasoned, mouth-watering piece of chicken, waffle cut fries (dipped in bbq) and a sweet tea that makes you wanna slap yo mama is f'n ridiculous!!!

Moreover for as much as you pay for their food you would expect Chick-Fil-A to buy stronger straws. The straw shouldn't crack or bend when you try to take it out of the wrapper...point, blank, period.

Now McDonalds straws, the ones w/ the two strips that look like a pair of Ronald McDonald's socks, oh yea them joints don't break/crack...

Chick-Fil-A food is bangin' but i'm just saying...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Public Enemy # 1

Michael Man + J. Depp = Greatness! One of the few movies that I am looking forward to this summer...


Sunday, March 1, 2009