Tuesday, May 20, 2008

what'd ya say?!?

Gas stations are like F' it, we aint buying that shit either!!
~a. wike

niki: yeah mark ronson said she (amy winehouse) wasn't ready to make an album.
me: she can't make an album, she couldn't make music if she wanted to, how can you grab the mic if you fingers look like cigarette buds?!?

niki: my humps, my humps...my lovely little lumps! yeah i don't know why fergie is talking about that, she does not have any humps....lumps...
me: nah she doesn't....looks like someone hit her a$$ w/ a textbook....BLAH-COW!!!!

james: man these taxes are killing me! i need to claim some(body) kids or something....
me: yeaaa-nahh, i'll just pay the taxes...

yeah i just wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friends.
~latarian milton

me: i would've beat his (latarian) a$$ right there w/ the cameras on...on film!
niki: armon you can't do that...
me: sheeettt! says who? and it wouldn't have been like i was beating him like he was my kid, i would have fought his a$$ like he was a stranger.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The potential blog names.

prepare yourself this is a long post but i think its good...

to karla, xanthia, taylor and who ever else is thinking about starting a blog...

A few of my friends have come to their senses and are finally starting a blog! Big ups! But they are having problems coming up w/ a name. At first I was like c'mon it can't be that hard...just think of a sentence or rhyme from a movie, song, etc...

Then I started to reflect on how I came to my eventual blog title and the problems I had w/ coming up w/ a name, direction, flow...

After looking through a few boxes of my past life (in G'boro, 02' - 07'), I came across a sheet of paper w/ a few scribbled names and explanations entitled "Possible names for my blog" I probably did it in Biology class or something. Well, here are a few of those titles...

1st up...

1. UberPooper.blogspot.com
uber - (according to the urban dictionary) the ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better.
pooper - (one of my definitions) i'm so fly i sh!t on these n!gg@s.

Yeah I know, it doesn't make sense but it sounded good and for about 2.6 seconds it was a winner. also i always liked the word poop. not sure why?

didn't use this b/c: it was one of the those "WTF" names.

2. MyLastSummer.blogspot.com
summer - a chance to relax and chill, a break from hw, text, and spelling bee's, no more long nights in the library for me! but then there is always a moment during the summer, usually at the end, when you get bored and can't wait for school to start...not b/c you miss the work but b/c you miss all the other extra circular activities (friends, parties, food fights in the cafe, fashion shows at the b-ball game)...and then a month in to the semester you wished it was the summer again.

i kinda liked this possible title and since my blog was suppose to document my last semester in college (and possibly academia), i was trying to capture that bittersweet moment at the end of the summer (academia) when your anticipating the end, trying to enjoy the last days, and trying to get prepared for whats ahead...

didn't use b/c: came close but i figured that i would/might use the blog after i graduated and i wanted the title to be more universal and not limited and it sound like a movie (w/ a beginning, middle, and end). i think i'm gonna use it for something else.

3. TheLastKidPicked.blogspot.com
This one reminds me of my childhood. I remember being one of the last kids picked in the neighborhood basketball pickup games, not b/c i couldn't play but b/c i was the smallest kid out there. Instead they would pick Joe, the 6 ft. 5th grader...can't really blame em', he couldn't play worth a sh!t but he could grab rebounds like a mother! But that's why i made it a point to be one of the first kids to shoot for captain...guaranteed playing time!

Eventually when the other kids saw that I could play and I had heart...I wasn't the last kid to be picked, I ended up being the second to last kid picked.

decided not to use this one b/c: its a band in new hampshire...and they have a blog by the same title.

and finally

4. MyPlasticGlasses.blogspot.com
i always get compliments on my glasses but this wasn't always so. my older glasses were like coke bottles...if you wore them you could probably see into the future.

a few yrs ago my friend and brother helped me pick out a new pair of glasses. Apparently, the pair I had on weren't a good representation or reflection of my personality or who I was. They were right. I remember, putting on my new glasses and it was like...it was like I had an aura of coolness around me. Glowing like Carlton w/ Will' chicktionary. YES!!!!

Might have not been the best of but it is what I decided to go with.

This blog ended up not being about my last semester but more of a (personal and eventually public) journal of my life and things that I see on a daily basis...from my perspective, through my plastic glasses...

So to those who are still trying to find a name for their blog, the name isn't really important so much as the content and the direction that you want to go. The good thing about blogging is that you can put what you want up here and make it reflect you. I tried to come up w/ the coolest, bad a$$ title for my blog and trust at first I was like man this title sucks! I should change it to this or to that...but now, I think it is cool not b/c of the name itself but everything else and what it has become (to me, to you)...hope that/this makes sense...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

umm maybe not...

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while now but I haven't. Partly, b/c I can't figure out what I want. I want it to be personal and meaningful but at the same time cool.

For a while I was on the fence on whether or not I should get a tattoo...since tattoos are PERMANENT, I wanted to think it through in all aspects of what, why, and where....I didn't want to rush into things and end up getting a "WTF?" tattoo = "Why The F*ck", if I ended up getting a dumba$$ tattoo, this is what I would be asked constantly by myself and/or others.

I have a few friends that have tattoos...some of them are cool, personal, creative and some of them are the "WTF?" kind. This is probably why I sway back and forth on whether or not I will/should get one.

It is b/c of the following tattoo, that I have almost fallen off of the fence. I'll admit, at first I was like "Wow that's pretty cool..." then I started thinking "What and Why the f*ck?" This is a cool tattoo for now but when you get older...uhm not so much...

what do you think about tattoos?

lower your expectations

Got dayum this album sucks! ...good thing i didn't buy it... But instead I lost 5 min of my life, downloading this damn thing. My expectations for this 'project' were low...and it didn't even meet those. Out of the 11 songs...I found 1 & 1/2 song(s) that I kinda like'd. This album sounds like here music career = dead. I like you (Scarlett Johansson) in movies better.

this album will make it harder for the actors and actresses, who can actually sing, convince a record co. to help them release an album.

I rather listen to 2 cows f*ckin on a farm...MOOOO!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Batter Up!

My 1st Atlanta Braves game.

My Friend had four tickets to the Braves vs. Oak's A game last night and he couldn't go so he gave them to me. Me and my 3 amigo/amiga's (Karla, Ricky, and Xanthia) had nothing else to do/planned so we said SURE, WE'LL GO! Great seats...along the 3rd base line, 15 rows from the field...

click pics to make bigger.

Our free tickets and parking pass

center field

Xan's cotton candy

$$$ food menu!

Jeff Francouer

Chipper Jones

Xan's new boyfriend, Blanco

A new Braves fan.

Braves bullpen

Brian McCann

The Winning Run, Brave 3 - Oak A's 2

good times.

Desert Eagle .50 vs. replicas

This LEGO DESERT EAGLE .50 by BrickGun puts to shame all other mindless LEGO designs, like tables, chairs, clocks, or birdhouses. BrickGun specializes in custom LEGO guns and this GLOCK 17mm is built as close to the real GLOCK as possible, with a pull back slide, active trigger, and a first-time-ever shell ejector port. Price and release aren’t available, but you can be sure this pistol whipper won’t be a shot in the dark.

I might cop, no lie...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The new $13.75 NERD Music Video

everybody nose by nerd

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

coffee table + books

So, I go to Barnes and Noble (B&N) or borders on the regular...its a great way of relieving stress at the end of the day. I'ma NERD, I know...

In g'boro, I used to go to the Barnes and Noble all the time...I would park my "sports car" in the b&n parking lot, walk to the cold stone and get the a.burton special (cake batter ice cream + cinnamon ice cream + pecans + a waffle cone in a like it size), then walk back to b&n, grab a few magazines, read and eat, enjoy...

Unfortunately now here in A-town, the cold stone is down the street and around the corner...and like i said before (link) cold stone ice cream = causes car accidents! trying to eat and drive my car, which is a manual, is tough...

So now on to this post...

coffee table + books will be posts dedicated to all the books that I come across while walking to the magazine section in the book store that I find interesting and think every coffee table shouldn't be without.

first up...


PostSecret is an ongoing community art project in which people mail their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Some examples of what you'll find in this book:

For more about PostSecrets click -> link

tryna put you on...

New Maroon 5 vid

If I Never See Your Face Again ft. Rhianna by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is stopping in Atl on Oct 1st...tickets go on sale June 13th...get your $$$ up, its gonna be a great show!

this "remix" is aight...i like the o.g. version better...but thats just me...

A Crazy, Derranged....Women

I remember watching this when it first came out, back in 94', w/ the volume on the tv turned down to 3...didn't want mom-dukes to hear, ya dig?!? One of the best stand-ups ever...hilarious...

I'm glad my lady isn't 'Crazy, Derranged'...well, she can be sometimes...


CubeCraft is a site dedicated to pumping out free paper figures of iconic animated caricatures for artsy folks who still like to fiddle around with toys. Fans of the paper art need only to download, print, cut and fold the toys into their interlocking tabs to have the models stand straight up on their desk.

get started here -> link

Monday, May 12, 2008


"This is it, What?! Luchini pourin' from the sky!"

window shopping

me and my lady had a great time this weekend...it was short lived but we made the best of it...here is our adventure at:

Father and Son's in Raleigh.

Jesús es mi hombre...

get ur $9 tees mofos!

I bet your not learning this kinda sign language huh?

Yoda, the owner of Father and Son's, he had so much promis and its a shame that his career was short lived.
"Yoda, pray for you I will..."

apparently, gangsta like to color as well...peep the crayon in the bullet chamber...

niki's new shoes! me likes!

Hasselhoff...you can't escape him.

cool painting...very fifi meets...uh...whatever niki said

fo' shizzle!

Who had one of these? Don't front! I had a red Dick Tracy one, and of course....a Ninja Turtles one...I thought I was the sh!t...

I should have bought that suitcase!


Bobby Dylan

ike and tina

cheech and chong

He's a bad mutha....

Cadillac (Chevy) on three 11" hub-caps...ain't did nothing in my life but stayed true...

and yes niki, i wish i took more pics...especially when we were at guitar center...lol, i was like a kid a toy store. i wish i got a few pics/vids of me "making beats" and you playing chop-in...