Tuesday, May 20, 2008

what'd ya say?!?

Gas stations are like F' it, we aint buying that shit either!!
~a. wike

niki: yeah mark ronson said she (amy winehouse) wasn't ready to make an album.
me: she can't make an album, she couldn't make music if she wanted to, how can you grab the mic if you fingers look like cigarette buds?!?

niki: my humps, my humps...my lovely little lumps! yeah i don't know why fergie is talking about that, she does not have any humps....lumps...
me: nah she doesn't....looks like someone hit her a$$ w/ a textbook....BLAH-COW!!!!

james: man these taxes are killing me! i need to claim some(body) kids or something....
me: yeaaa-nahh, i'll just pay the taxes...

yeah i just wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friends.
~latarian milton

me: i would've beat his (latarian) a$$ right there w/ the cameras on...on film!
niki: armon you can't do that...
me: sheeettt! says who? and it wouldn't have been like i was beating him like he was my kid, i would have fought his a$$ like he was a stranger.


niki.mac said...

you forgot my purple unicorn cupcakes with sprinkles on the toenails!!

karrie b. said...

ughhh latarian is my son!

and lmaooo @ u and nikster. silly gooses.

or is that geese? i've confused myself again.


kid.a said...

@niki: oh yeah ur right i forgot about the cupcakes...lol...

i thought you were serious too. "sprinkles on the toenail" lol!

@kb: that kids needs help asap.

i thinks its geese? maybe...idk english grammer was never my strongest subject in school...

Stew said...

4 words


2 more words


1 more word


1 symbol and 5 more words


Adrianne M said...

" doing bad stuff is fun"

what a messsssssssssssss

7 years old.

wait until he is 10!!!

kid.a said...

@stew: yeah he deserve an as whoopin and a lot more.

@adrianne: wait until he 10...less wait another month and see what he doing...

Autumn said...

Update much? LoL