Monday, May 12, 2008

window shopping

me and my lady had a great time this was short lived but we made the best of is our adventure at:

Father and Son's in Raleigh.

Jesús es mi hombre...

get ur $9 tees mofos!

I bet your not learning this kinda sign language huh?

Yoda, the owner of Father and Son's, he had so much promis and its a shame that his career was short lived.
"Yoda, pray for you I will..."

apparently, gangsta like to color as well...peep the crayon in the bullet chamber...

niki's new shoes! me likes! can't escape him.

cool painting...very fifi meets...uh...whatever niki said

fo' shizzle!

Who had one of these? Don't front! I had a red Dick Tracy one, and of course....a Ninja Turtles one...I thought I was the sh!t...

I should have bought that suitcase!


Bobby Dylan

ike and tina

cheech and chong

He's a bad mutha....

Cadillac (Chevy) on three 11" hub-caps...ain't did nothing in my life but stayed true...

and yes niki, i wish i took more pics...especially when we were at guitar, i was like a kid a toy store. i wish i got a few pics/vids of me "making beats" and you playing chop-in...


niki.mac said...

omg i can't believe u have that picture of me bent over showing off my FATTY!!

that suitcase was kind of awesome.... it will be there though, maybe i'll buy it for u?

and that was an IMPALA, not a cadi!!

we WERE rockin out in guitar center huh? lol

love u :)

karrie b. said...

ughhh. i f*cking love you two. that marilyn monroe painting is the hotness. i need it on my wall!


Victoria said...

Wow! that place looks super cool!
And it looks like u guys had fun tooo!

Anonymous said...

cool store! antique/vintage shops are the best!