Monday, May 5, 2008


i remember when i was in the 5th grade, my mother taught me how to make an origami crane...i think that was the standard for up and coming jedi's.

while my friend was making paper airplanes, i was folding up hw, failed spelling test, and math quizzes into paper cranes. i thought i was the sh!t joke...i remember thinking "man you mad cause i'm stylin on you son!" lol...not really but i was the only person in a 3 classroom block radius that knew how to do it...until this filipino kid transfered to my class, f*cker! (he ended up being my best friend)

if i only knew how to make one of these, i would have been the coolest m*thaf*cka swingin' on the monkey bars...

big ups to Brian Chan for his work!


niki.mac said...

coolest mofo on the monkey bars??


this is pretty awesome tho. where's the picture with g'ma?

still working on my project :(

3 days!!!! ;)

Adrianne M said...

this sh*t's amazzzing!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew said...

stew is speechless. who knew you could do things like that with paper. and here i thought that the crane was the "origami Mt Everest".