Wednesday, May 7, 2008

America's Master Communicator

The legendary George Lois is the most creative, prolific advertising communicator of our time. The legendary adman is the youngest inductee into the Art Directors Hall of Fame, designed clever, eye-catching Esquire covers, such as Sonny Liston as Santa Claus and Andy Warhol drowning in a can of soup to illustrate an article on the death of the avant-garde. Lois' covers raised Esquire's circulation in ten years from 500,000 to two million. Here are a few of his covers for Esquire magazine, maybe you seen them (or variations of them)?

Why can't a women be more like a man?


The face of a hero.

Andy Warhol drowns in his own soup.

First Black Santa

The very first Howard Hughes hoax

Tamest event on kids tv that day: Ruby kills Oswald


Read the stories behind these covers and more -> here

If you are in NY, the Museum of Modern Art is hosting an 11 month (April 25th, 08 - March 31, 2009) showcase that documents Lois' career which earned him the undisputed title as king of communication through advertisements. I'm sure it will be a great exhibit!


Stew said...

its amazing that he did that in the times before photoshop. seems as if he deserves any and every award he has gotten or will get. i think i will read the stories behind some of them.

karrie b. said...

i gotta go see this...moma is one of my fav museums...


niki.mac said...

this is

Adrianne M said...

loves it.

who is the person in the top left of the faces one?

kid.a said...

Bob Dylan, the American singer-songwriter, author, musician, poet...folk, rock, blues, country...