Friday, February 29, 2008

the roots r back!!!!!

shout out to "The Lyricist" for the heads up...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

fanny packs

i'm sure you have heard of this site...stuff white people like. a friend of mine sent me the link the other day. it's pretty funny...although i like some of the things post on this site...does that make me....??? no!!!!! lol....j/k

the reason i named this post fanny packs is...b/c....well honestly who rocks fanny packs other than white ppl? my friend, who is white, still rocks a fanny pack today...nothing wrong with that but i personally don't have that many things to carry...i have four pockets plus a lil pocket if i can't get all my stuff in those pockets then i'm doing too

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

e equals m c square

only in japan a will you see an $85 square watermelon...and yeah it test the same as the round ones...although the round ones in japan taste 10x better than the ones over here...

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

Frederick McFeely Rogers (March 20, 1928 – February 27, 2003) a.k.a Mr. Rogers past away 4 yrs ago today...

I always thought he was kinda weird in a pyshco type of way w/ his hand up a puppets butt and the rumors didn't help but at the same time i thought "man this muthaf*cker got style! cardigans and keds, what?!?"
* 5: The age at which Rogers began playing piano
* 8: The percentage of households tuned in to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood at its ratings peak, in 1985.
* 24: The number of cardigans Rogers had over the course of his career, the sweaters he wore on the show were hand knit by his mother.
* 33: Number of seasons that Mister Rogers' Neighborhood produced new episodes
* 40: Number of honorary degrees awarded to Rogers
* 60: Number of seconds of silence that Rogers would ask for at speaking engagements; he would instruct the audience to use the minute of silence to remember those who helped them become who they were.
* 200: Number of songs Rogers wrote during his career

False Rumors:
Rogers has been the subject of a number of persistent but false rumors, mostly to the effect that he hid a violent or criminal past. These include rumors that he served in the military during the Vietnam War or Korean War, particularly as a sniper or a Navy SEAL, with a large number of confirmed kills; rumors that he had tattoos on his arms (supposedly gotten while in the military), and wore long-sleeved cardigans so as to keep them hidden; rumors that he was a convicted child molester, and that this had led to his becoming the host of a television program for children; and a rumor that he "flipped the bird" to his young audience during the taping of his last show. These rumors have been thoroughly debunked. For instance, not only is there no record of Rogers having served in the military, but there are not even any gaps in his career during which he might have done so, and he was too old for military service during the Vietnam War.

well thanks mr. rodgers for teaching me the fundamentals.

"i know"

new jay-z vid for his new single "i know". this is the first vid of jay's that doesn't star him, instead it stars lenny kravitz daughter, zoe kravitz...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bored at work...thinking about my friend and her new blog...

throw back vid...

can't believe this song came out 8 yrs ago...dayum!

wu tang - protect ya neck (the jump off)

Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Hope.

Right in time for next week’s Democratic presidential primaries in Ohio and Texas, which could shut up Billary for good, here’s some more Barack-art. Behold the work of The Mac. The henna-like styled posters are already en route to the two potential Clinton-killing states and the limited edition silk screened/signed versions will be available shortly via Upper Playground.

check out his online portfolio for more paintings, murals, sketches & other artworks here.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


"pockets full of grand dollar bills, i got skills but some jordans will sure build up my confidence..."

ESPN reports on the sneaker that changed it all, the Air Jordan. Listen to industry experts, Michael Jordan, Tinker and even Barack give their take on the Air Jordan line of sneakers.

although i believe that the jordan brand has lost its is with out a doubt that this brand changed the sneaker game forever, for good (design) and bad ($$$). I like the new jordan 23's and i think they one of the best and innovative to come out since the 3's but for $ hell nah!

one down...

glow in the dark is a go! are you ready alex?!?

and for those of yall who haven't got their ticket as of yet, get it asap...they are going there or be circle.

i think i'm gonna start a gramophone record collection

gramophone records = vinyl records

i think i'm gonna start/update (cause i got a few) my record collection. I came across a great record store in Little 5 pts. (atl) and think i'm gonna go through their stacks and stacks of records and pick a few oldies but goodies.

a few artist that i have in mind:
-wes montgomery
-donny hathaway
-led zeppelin
-pink floyd
-bobby dylan
-otis redding
-cannonball adderely (phenix)
-mile davis (kind of blue)

when i was in japan i picked up a few....the beatles (abbey road, white album, rubber soul), led zeppeling (in through the out door), and a special edition japanese release stevie wonder album. my bro has a few that i think i might steal...and my grandparents have a thousand or so that i can look through...but there is nothing like buying your own right?!? cd's are cool but there is something classic, cool, retro, vintage...about the gramophone records....awh, i can see it now...hi fi-delity!

smashing pumpkins

if you like or interested in the smashing pumpkins and you want to get your hands on some unreleased and rare demos, live performances, alternate takes, can get it here.

i found this site late last night...i was up all night "collecting" this music...i've been looking for some of this stuff for a while now....i can't explain to you how excited i was! nerd...i

yohji yamamoto

Probably one of my favorite designers. He designs loose, functional clothes for men and women, featuring a great deal of black, which conceal rather than emphasize the body. Yamamoto's world is one of black and white symbols, a world in which color makes only a fleeting appearance. His uses of these two colors define his array of ideas and imagination into a beautiful world laced simplicity and complexity. What makes Yamamoto so successful is his originality, grace, and braveness to try something new. He creates pieces of clothing that might look a little strange at first, but when you take a closer look and take it in, you see that it is actually more like a work of art. The frumpy, baggy pants become a vessel to carry the long train of the shirt as its sail.

i particularly like his Y-3 line with adidas. I think he came out with one of the hottest shoes in 07...

CNN's Talk Asia recently did an interview with Yohji Yamamoto about his career and his views on fashion. It is a very insightful piece and gives you a good look into the mind of what many consider a fashion icon. See the interview now online.


my bro sent me this vid the other day...i was at work dyin!!!!!

"hip kick...then you kinda....then a barrell turn...and then HA!"

it from reno 911 and although its not real its still funny as hell!

lets see...

from my vantage point i give this movie two thumbs and two big toes down!

we should have gone and seen Be Kind Rewind. maybe next weekend?!?

team r.a.x. we gotta do better....roger, roger...over&out.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"ticking away the moments that make up a dull day..."

i got a thing for watches...i feeling get day....

visit nooka here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

gleaming the cube

gleaming the cube is one of those movies that came out during the late 80's, that had a terrible plot and crappy acting, but somehow garnered a cult following through basic cable replays on networks such as USA and the burgeoning VHS (and later DVD) market, as well as notoriety among skateboarders.

the reason it became a classic amongst skaters and had them running to there local blockbuster was not b/c of acting skills and performance Christian Slater, but b/c of the handful of Stunt Skaters that were in the film. Which include Mike McGill, Chris Black, "Gator" Mark Rogowski, Natas Kaupas, Tony Hawk (Buddy), Tommy Guerrero (Sam) and my personal favorite Rodney Mullen!

The legendary Rodney Mullen did many of the skateboarding stunts for Christian Slater in the 1989 skateboarding movie Gleaming the Cube. One of his best scene is at the end credits, he can be seen performing his unique freestyle moves which influenced and garnered a stamp of approval from skaters worldwide.

rodney mullen - freestylin'

perfect your craft.

this post is for my friend, tim...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Burger in America?

a writer, Raymond Sokolov, of the wall street journal wrote an article about his "journey to find a perfect burger" and he found it at "a justifiably renowned little diner on a broken-down industrial stretch of highway" in Atlanta, Ga.

click here for the link to the article.

So my friend told me about the article and this supposed burger utopia and we decided to investigate...after finding the directions, we began to prepare our own journey to Ann's Snack Bar. To make a long story short, the place was a shack, literally, and in the middle of a hood a$$ area...the writer delicately left this part out. no problems though but you could've easily drove past if you weren't paying attention or in disbelief that the place was "Hamburger Hamlet". if you read the article you might get the impression that this place was a holy and sacred place for burger eaters as if there was a beam of light coming from the sky or something...but in reality it is far from the truth.

now this isn't the traditional or conventional eating establishment and the best way for me to describe this place is like....well its like waiting at the barbershop, the anticipation and expectation. Ann, the 150 yr old lady who cooked and ran the place, could only serve 6-8 people at a time and when we had arrived there were at least 14 ppl ahead of us. we got there around 2:30pm and i think we left around 5-ish...yeah we waited almost 2 hrs to get a burger...

sadly, the anticipation of waiting was better than the burger itself. the burger was huge as hell...look at the pics...and it was sloppy. i tapped out before the half way mark b/c i was literally tired of trying to eat that thing. the was aight, i personally think cookout burgers are better...obviously Sokolov didn't stop by there on his way to Ann's place.

here are a few pics from that day...oh yeah the burger i choose was ironically named "The Ghetto Burger"...i got the came w/ fries and some bangin a$$ lemonade...

ann's snack bar

ann and her boo (?) preparing our "Ghetto Burger"

the burger may not look big but use the things in the pic, such as the fork or ketchup bottle for size comparisons...

xan's accident...

wall of fame???

maybe its on a scale of 80?

i was done...

by this pt my ~itis was starting to set in but before i layed down for a nap i had to...yup u guess'd it...use the restroom...


xan's old woman hands...

a reminder that A&T's football team was once a great...



team r.a.x...
we keep this cd in heavy rotation...feel her flow!

glady's pollo y waffle (couldn't find it in spanish)

"ain't no love in the heart of the city, i said where's the love???

throw back vid...

i was listening to this song while i was at work all day today! a classic...

Tinker toys...

heart and sole...

While the Jumpman logo is recognized as a universal symbol of swagger, you may be less familiar with the designer behind the iconic brand, Tinker Hatfield. He didn’t design every kick in the Air Jordan line. But the fact that his contributions stand out as icons in a series considered the pinnacle of sneaker design demands respect. After earning his stripes as a Bill Bowerman understudy, the now 55-year-old Hatfield went on to line his resume with designs like the groundbreaking Air Max 1 and his highlight reel of kicks for His Airness.

He is the renowned designer of many of Nike's most popular and innovative athletic shoe designs, including the Air Jordan III, the Air Jordan XV, the twentieth anniversary Air Jordan XX, and other athletic sneakers including the world's first "cross training" shoes, the Nike Air Trainer. Hatfield oversees Nike's "Innovation Kitchen" and has designed the "last" jordan series shoe, Air Jordan XXIII.

As a trained architect, Hatfield has a different approach to sneaker design. He has translated museums (Air Max 1), fighter jets (Jordan V) and even lawn mowers (Jordan XI) into some of the best sneakers to ever pound the pavement and the hardwood. He even designed the "Marty Mcfly's from Back to the Future" f.y.i on the cover of Kanye's album cover, graduation, the flying bear is wearing the "McFly's"...dayum I wish nike would release these you can see his influence and inspiration in the sneaker game is undeniable and with stroke of a pencil he was able to changed the face of how we look and wear shoes...thanks Tinker!

Nike Mcfly's w/ power laces...

jordan xx3

Sunday, February 17, 2008

upcoming concerts i'm trying to go to....

here are a few concerts/events that i am trying to go too...

feist - april 18th, $25 (atl)
kanye west's Glow in The Dark Tour - may 4th, $130 (atl)
radiohead's In Rainbows Tour - may 8th, $55 (atl)
alicia keys As I Am Tour - may 28th, $??? (atl)
jay-z & mary j. blige - april 5th, $100 (gboro)

alvin ailey american dance theater - march 2nd, $30 (atl)
the color purple - july 29th, $29-$125 (atl)

yeah i gotta start savin'/makin' some $$$, ya dig!

Listen to Wes Montgomery!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

flashing lights.

Kanye's knack for coming up with well-thought out videos continues with the visual for his smash song “Flashing Lights.” After posting a teaser image on his blog a week ago and painfully having to hold it back until BET premiered it, the day has come and we approve. Playboy model Rita G. with long stems walking on the beach, cool cars, and no Kanye face time make for a goodie.

yellow brick road...

i know that i have been neglecting my blog for the past couple of days but i got a part time job working as a technical support representative. trust me it isn't as serious or technical as is sounds. in fact, i think i could have done this in while i was in high school. i want to apologize to the few who maybe reading my blog...I apologize! so with out further ado, I will dedicate this post to how i feel about work. enjoy!

keep in mind i wrote this while i was at work...

"The summer after I graduated from high school i worked for a telemarketing company. slaving on the phone, calling people during dinner, pissing them off and at the same time trying to get them to buy something that they don't want or need. this was probably the worst job i have ever had...and i think that most of the people that have/had this job will probably say the same. the lay-over rate is crazy! i got hired within 15 mins. this job reminded me why i was going to is the politically correct version -> "to help put myself in a better position so that i can compete amongst other and get a good job, so that one day i'll be successful and live in beautiful house w/ a white picket fence" not saying this is true (the preparing/helping part) but it's not really realistic, especially "the white picket fence". so now, i find it ironic that 5 years later, after graduating from COLLEGE, that i find myself at a job much similar to the telemarking one. and as each day goes by, i am reminded of why i went to college, "to help put myself in a better blah blah blah....". did i go wrong somewhere or is this a means to an end, i hope so. man i REALLY HATE this job..."

then i started to thinking about why i hated working here and i started to notice certain is a list that i wrote down. feel free to add to the list by adding a comment...

you know you hate your job when:
-when you wake up in the morning and you think your in a nightmare...
-when you think of ways not to go to work or you think of ridiculous possibilities, such as "maybe they won't notice that i am not there..."
-when you empathize or feel as though you can relate to the janitors or the people who work in the cafe and during your break, yall have a little convo, show a little love "i.e. dap each other up" and end each sentence with with the combination of these two words "hate" and "job" for example "yeah i hate this job too or d@mn i really hate this job..."
-speaking of know you hate your job when you only look forward to the matter how short they may be. "2!t i'll take that!"
-or during the breaks you think about not coming back...and think to yourself "I'm gonna make a run for it...yeah (epiphany)...I'm gonna make a run for it"
-when you leave for day and you are thrilled, excited and happy that you've made it through another day...but this moment is bittersweet b/c you quickly realize that you have to get ready for another day in less than 12 hrs...
-and you know that you hate your job when you are writing reason why you hate your job while your at work and not caring if you manager is looking over your shoulder reading it...

if that wasn't enough and you want to get a mental picture of what it is like working where i work at...a movie comes to mind...Office Space! I think i am Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton (not the singer, the charater in the and Samir Nyednanajad all rolled into one. for instance Peter gets accidentally hypnotized so he doesn't give a f*ck about the job or losing it and realizes there is more to life than sitting in his tiny cubical, Samir hates his job but needs the money, and Michael also hates his job but is trying to make the best of it. yeah that's me..."

so yeah that was as far as i got...i'm in training right now and i know everything we are talking about so i can afford not to pay attention, besides i'm don't plan on staying there long, if a better b.s. job comes around then i'ma take it, ya dig!

so why is this post called yellow brick road well i found my high school "last will and testament" the other day and it read as follows:
"I Armon B. being of sound, mind, and body hereby leave my brain to the scarecrow, my heart to the tin man, my courage to the cowardly lion and my hope to dorthy and what ever obstacles they may face on the yellow brick road may they find their way home."

Friday, February 8, 2008

random fotos

"Untitled" by Alex Hayes
"Ay yo yo yo throw y'all fingers up!
Thug style baby, Thug style y'know?"

"I promise..." by kida"Man I promise, when I get old enough
I'm a buy you a limo, and we gon' go to Red Lobster
And you can get all the... all the lobster tail that you want
Cause I'm a be RICH! Yeah I'm a be rich, uhh..."

"Tryna land" by kida
"My troops landin, parachutes I hit you with phatter loops
And yall clowns better show us some gratitude
werd up"
~The Beatnuts

"Remember Them Days" by kida
"Heatin up the house with the oven,
Remember dem days
Thinking that life ain't love us, come on
It's all good now
We out the hood now "
~beanie segal

tell it like it is...

just a few random thoughts i had while i was at barnes and noble last night:

-are we conditioned not to take risks or are we conditioned to take the easy road?

-is there really a "Point of No Return"...a time when you cannot go back to a previous endeavor or interest b/c that ship left port never to return? Or when you say that you have reached a "Point of No Return" in your life you mean that those opportunities are no longer plausible, resonable, realistic b/c you have accumulated a certain amount of responsibilities. I like the latter view point on the "Point of No Return" Theory. This theory/pt. sprung from a convo that we had eariler, it centered around the bigger question of "What the f*ck do I wanna do with my life?"

-i've heard that if you hand itches the you can expect to get some $$$. I was hoping this to be true b/c my hand has been itching like crazy for the past week...and no it isn't b/c of that...but as the days pass and zero dinero heading my way i am starting to realize that the person who told me that was lying.

-i've realized that It was hard to tell just how I felt, To not recognize myself, I started to fade away...before i had a hard time apologizing b/c i didn't want to except the fact that i was wrong or at fault, due to my insecurities...i pushed you away and i regret that everyday.

poo poo over and out...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

i am standing at a crossroad...

“You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don't think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”
-anthony robbins

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

rubik's art

have you ever tried to solve the rubik's cube?!? that thing is impossible...the farthest i have gotten to completing it is two sides. for some reason i remember a lot of people having a rubik's cube and magic 8 ball growing up.

people relied on the magic 8 ball like it was their own personal fortune teller. "man will i get an A on this spelling test??? please come through magic 8 ball....NOT A CHANCE wtf?!?" and then you would shake it one more time and it would say..."signs point to yes"...thats more like it.

well i found a website for a group of artist who turned there inability to solve the rubic's cube into art, pretty cool on the picture for a closer look.

for more click here.

how i discovered music....part I

i remember when i was in middle school and in high school i used to take my allowance money for the week and run to circuit city and buy whatever music i may have came across, via internet, tv, radio, grandpa's record collection...

Looking back on how I discovered these album, i started to realize that i came across most of them by mistake, the clouds didn't open up, a beam of light didn't guide me to them...none of that...i just kept an open mind and ear and I am glad that i did, b/c i would have missed out on a lot of great music.

Well here are a few of those albums that i bought, back in the day, that help me love and appreciate music...this is part uno!

** miles davis - kind of blue
favorite song(s) off this album: Blue in Green

i started to get into jazz while i was in high school. I think the reason stemmed from my memories of playing in the band during middle school. and of course i got stuck playing the clarinet... but i always wanted to play the trumpet. i loved the sound and look of the trumpet...i felt as though i would of had the coolness and mysteriousness of miles davis...unlike with the clarinet i felt like kenny g. not a cool feeling...

**Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix
Favorite song(s) off this album: Little Wing, Red House, Bold As Love

i always heard of Jimi Hendrix but I couldn't put a face to him or his music. When I was 15, I was with a friend of mine, who delivered flowers at a flower shop that my mom worked at, and we were out on a deliver with the radio tuned to local rock station in town and "Foxy Lady" came on...the 10 second feedback at the beginning of the song lured me in and as soon as the main guitar riff kicked in I was hooked till the end. After the song was over, I eagerly waited to hear the d.j. tell me the song's artist and title...but the d.j. didn't say anything he and proceeded to the next track...but luckily for me my friend knew who Hendrix was...

**Santana - Greatest Hits
favorite song(s) off this album: Samba Pa Ti, Bella

I love the way carlos santana plays the guitar, i figured if i could play the guitar like him, NO WOMEN COULD RESIST ME! This is a great example of how I discovered music by accident. It was the beginning of my freshman yr. in high school and I spent the night at my friend's house, I was probably just waking up (around 2pm) and hungry...sleeping in does that. So while i was walking through the kitchen i noticed that the album cover caught the my eye, coincidentally it was sitting on the counter next to some carrot cake...mmmmmmh mmh! the album was just as good as the carrot cake.

**Makaveli (2pac) - The Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory
favorite song(s) off this album: White Man'z World, To Live and Die In L.A., Just Like Daddy

I remember when i first heard about 2pac's death...Sept. 14th, 1996 (day after he died)...i was in the 6th grade and it was during gym class (my 1st class that day). Each morning, my school would show a 12 min news program called "Channel One" here for more info...It was during this show that i found out about his the time i didn't know much about him and it wasn't until after he died that i started to get into him and his while i was watching Channel One, i didn't understand how much of a tragedy his death was and how much we lost that day. one of my friends had this album and he let me borrow it, the next day i bought this album and "Me Against the World" and within the month i had all of his albums...

**Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live at Montreux
favorite song(s) off this album: Life Without You, Superstitions

I remember the first time i heard Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood", I was with my grandpa and we were driving to the mall in his 92' Cadillac De'ville. good times. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble were my introduction to the blues, more specifically the Texas Blues. His sound is recognizable to a deaf person, he plays with so much soul and passion that you can really feel his love and pain in all of his songs, especially on a live album.

**Boyz II Men - II
Favorite song(s) off this album: On Bended Knee, When the Water Drys, I'll Make Love To You

My brother is a huge Boyz II Men fan...he thinks he is the lost member of the group. although i was only 11 yrs old and more than likely i was listening to Disney soundtracks when this album came out in 94', this an albums that i that comes to mind when i think of music from my childhood...i don't know why it wasn't like i could relate to anything they were saying...but their music is so great and timeless that it takes you back, back to when you first heard it...whether you were falling in love/falling out of love or thinking about a girl in the 5th grade that you could sing "On Bended Knee" that was me.

**Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Favorite song(s) off this album: Hummer, Mayonaise, Disarm
I bought this album at the end of my junior year of high may sound funny but this album helped me get through high school. I'm not saying that high school was rough for me but you know how dumb things are high school: cliques, rumors, drama, puppy-love, heartbreaks, the whole sha-bang...and if i had to pick a soundtrack that summed up my feelings, experiences and attitudes toward high school this would be the album. This is the first Smashing Pumpkins album that I bought and i had most of their albums before the next weekend...i might have been broke for the rest of the month but i didn't was worth it.

**Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Favorite song(s) off this album: Time, The Great Gig in The Sky

I was on the internet one night and i came across an ad for the current rolling stones magazine of that month. The main article talked about this album and its ironic and eerie synchronization with the Wizard of Oz. click here for more info. I asked my grandparents about this album, b/c they owned a record store, and i knew they would know something about it. Immediately the knew what album I was talking about, they said they couldn't keep this album on the shelves...everybody wanted it. This album was on the charts for more than 30 yrs....and it has sold more albums than most bands sell during their whole career. Even though i am not a fan of the Wizard of Oz, the idea that the two corresponded with each other intrigued that friday I went to circuit city w/ my g-pa and picked up the album and lucky for me my grandparents had a copy of the Wizard of Oz...

**Prince - Purple Rain
Favorite song(s) off this album: Purple Rain, The Beautiful Ones

"You have to purify yourself in the Lakes of Minnetonka" a memorable quote from a memorable movie/soundtrack. I am not exactly sure how I came across this album, but I do remember having this on my Christmas List one year. I remember my brother looking at my Christmas List and saying "WTF?!? Purple Rain..." was pretty funny and i know it was random for me ask for this movie...

I found the christmas list that i made that year and it reads as follows:
-Jordan XIV (black/red colorway) = $135
-Stereo w/ big speakers (sony, panasonic) = $?
-socks, underwear, etc = about $40
-jeans, preferably baggy (jnco's) = $30
-Purple Rain (dvd) = $10
-BMX bicyle (Mongoose) = $150

i didn't get the jordans but i got the Purple Rain Dvd...