Friday, February 8, 2008

tell it like it is...

just a few random thoughts i had while i was at barnes and noble last night:

-are we conditioned not to take risks or are we conditioned to take the easy road?

-is there really a "Point of No Return"...a time when you cannot go back to a previous endeavor or interest b/c that ship left port never to return? Or when you say that you have reached a "Point of No Return" in your life you mean that those opportunities are no longer plausible, resonable, realistic b/c you have accumulated a certain amount of responsibilities. I like the latter view point on the "Point of No Return" Theory. This theory/pt. sprung from a convo that we had eariler, it centered around the bigger question of "What the f*ck do I wanna do with my life?"

-i've heard that if you hand itches the you can expect to get some $$$. I was hoping this to be true b/c my hand has been itching like crazy for the past week...and no it isn't b/c of that...but as the days pass and zero dinero heading my way i am starting to realize that the person who told me that was lying.

-i've realized that It was hard to tell just how I felt, To not recognize myself, I started to fade away...before i had a hard time apologizing b/c i didn't want to except the fact that i was wrong or at fault, due to my insecurities...i pushed you away and i regret that everyday.

poo poo over and out...

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