Sunday, February 17, 2008

upcoming concerts i'm trying to go to....

here are a few concerts/events that i am trying to go too...

feist - april 18th, $25 (atl)
kanye west's Glow in The Dark Tour - may 4th, $130 (atl)
radiohead's In Rainbows Tour - may 8th, $55 (atl)
alicia keys As I Am Tour - may 28th, $??? (atl)
jay-z & mary j. blige - april 5th, $100 (gboro)

alvin ailey american dance theater - march 2nd, $30 (atl)
the color purple - july 29th, $29-$125 (atl)

yeah i gotta start savin'/makin' some $$$, ya dig!

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