Thursday, February 21, 2008

gleaming the cube

gleaming the cube is one of those movies that came out during the late 80's, that had a terrible plot and crappy acting, but somehow garnered a cult following through basic cable replays on networks such as USA and the burgeoning VHS (and later DVD) market, as well as notoriety among skateboarders.

the reason it became a classic amongst skaters and had them running to there local blockbuster was not b/c of acting skills and performance Christian Slater, but b/c of the handful of Stunt Skaters that were in the film. Which include Mike McGill, Chris Black, "Gator" Mark Rogowski, Natas Kaupas, Tony Hawk (Buddy), Tommy Guerrero (Sam) and my personal favorite Rodney Mullen!

The legendary Rodney Mullen did many of the skateboarding stunts for Christian Slater in the 1989 skateboarding movie Gleaming the Cube. One of his best scene is at the end credits, he can be seen performing his unique freestyle moves which influenced and garnered a stamp of approval from skaters worldwide.

rodney mullen - freestylin'

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