Sunday, February 24, 2008

i think i'm gonna start a gramophone record collection

gramophone records = vinyl records

i think i'm gonna start/update (cause i got a few) my record collection. I came across a great record store in Little 5 pts. (atl) and think i'm gonna go through their stacks and stacks of records and pick a few oldies but goodies.

a few artist that i have in mind:
-wes montgomery
-donny hathaway
-led zeppelin
-pink floyd
-bobby dylan
-otis redding
-cannonball adderely (phenix)
-mile davis (kind of blue)

when i was in japan i picked up a few....the beatles (abbey road, white album, rubber soul), led zeppeling (in through the out door), and a special edition japanese release stevie wonder album. my bro has a few that i think i might steal...and my grandparents have a thousand or so that i can look through...but there is nothing like buying your own right?!? cd's are cool but there is something classic, cool, retro, vintage...about the gramophone records....awh, i can see it now...hi fi-delity!

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