Saturday, May 17, 2008

Batter Up!

My 1st Atlanta Braves game.

My Friend had four tickets to the Braves vs. Oak's A game last night and he couldn't go so he gave them to me. Me and my 3 amigo/amiga's (Karla, Ricky, and Xanthia) had nothing else to do/planned so we said SURE, WE'LL GO! Great seats...along the 3rd base line, 15 rows from the field...

click pics to make bigger.

Our free tickets and parking pass

center field

Xan's cotton candy

$$$ food menu!

Jeff Francouer

Chipper Jones

Xan's new boyfriend, Blanco

A new Braves fan.

Braves bullpen

Brian McCann

The Winning Run, Brave 3 - Oak A's 2

good times.


Stew said...

looks like fun.


tell xanthia that franco is like 40

Autumn said...

Me gusta Blanco! I looked him up online though. He is not cute anymore.....