Saturday, January 26, 2008


i remember seeing the trailer for this movie when i went to see Transformers in the theater...this short and vague trailer left everyone in the theater perplex, confused and excited. at first i thought it was a commercial for a prophylactic (condom) lol ...commercials are unnecessary, fillers and interupters of the main show. but this trailer grab your attention and kept you guessing till the end. here is the trailer...

now for the definitely lived up to the hype and expectations. just like the trailer you were confused until the end...well even after the movie was over i was still confused. they didn't give a real definitive answer to how, what, and how the monster came from. and these were the same question were asking ever since the inital trailer for the movie came out...but these were the wrong quesiton.

The movie works because it's populated by people you learn to care about. What the monster does to their lives counts more than what it looks like (although, since you asked, it looks fierce, okay?) Cloverfield deals in anxiety and The Blair Witch-y conceit of pretending the whole thing is being shot on somone's handycam is physically and emotionally unsettling.

There were a few things that I thought were kinda corny and dumb but these small blips do not ruin the story. Definitely a great movie to start the 2008 year off....hopefully the rest of the films that are coming out this year will be just as good. see ya in the theaters!

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