Monday, December 1, 2008

Cold(est) Winter

It's Monday, it's cold and all I want to do is leave work and crawl back in bed...

photo taken by mattlandia

It looks like its gonna be a cold winter...Hot-lanta my a$$!

My hands are so ashy right now...It looks like I've been banging (chalk) erasers!!!


niki.mac said...

lol! 27 days and i'll be snuggled up in that bed with you.... YESSSSSSSSS!!!

...and I told you, they didn't call it Hotlanta because of the temperature.... so don't be surprised! haha

Stew said...

there is so much beauty in a city. you just gotta find the right spot with the right lighting

DetroitRockCity said...

i love that pic

and u too light skinned to be ashy lol

D.Son said...

randomocity: i hate when u lotion up in the morning, then u go outside and in the creases of your hand..between ur fingers...lies