Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Next Stop is our Stop


More pics uploaded on my Flickr


karrie b. said...

awesome pic of nik.

niki.mac said...

i miss atlanta :-/

Stew said...

her hair has gotten so long

kid.a said...

@kb - appreciate it. i had a great subject.

@niki - i miss you!

@stew - yup, nice and long...that stuff blows in the wind like Pocahontas son!

D.Son said...

LOVES the pic; GREAT subject
what kinda've camera do u use?
where did u get it?
and for how much?
:0) lol

kid.a said...

@D. Son - I use a Nikon F3 w/ cheap Fuji film from walmart. I got it for about $250, it came w/ a whole bunch of other equipment and most importantly a 50mm lens...

I'm sure if you looked on ebay you can find a nice one for a good price. what is gonna cost you is the lenses...man they can get expensive.

I'm always on the look out for other cameras, i want to try out different mediums...for instance the polariod sx-70. i'll probably be able to get the camera for $40 but the film is killer expensive!!!