Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great Showdowns By Scott Campbell

Can you identify the movies each showdown is from?


For more of Scott Campbell's work click HERE

Answers in the comments section.


kid.a said...

from Left to right
-"Blade Runner"
-"Game of Death"
-"Raising Arizona"
-"The Princess Bride"
-"Taxi Driver"
-"Road Warrior"
-"Teen Wolf"

Stew said...

my guess
game of death
not sure
robin hood
walk the line (johnny cash movie)
dont know
teen wolf
dont know
dont know

did you guess them all, or did you really know?

kid.a said...

Stew, I actually could figure all of them out except two (Deliverance and Taxi). Although after finding out the answer I recognized the picture/scene Scott used for his Taxi picture. Since I've never seen Deliverance I couldn't figure out what movie that was but Walk the Line would have been a good guess...

Your guess are pretty funny tho, although I could see where you were coming from, your 1st guess, Catwomen, was probably the funniest.

Most of these pictures are pivotal scenes in the movie and since I've seen all of these movies (except for 1) I could figure them out.

Stew said...

most of them i have not seen or have only see once, so that's why i was so terrible

niki.mac said...

i only got the princess bride one!! but that's because that's the only movie i've seen from that list... lol

&& love, briit said...

yikes! i had no clue. faild!