Wednesday, December 19, 2007


my hombre went to a hockey game....

" I went to my first professional NHL hockey game last night. We sat really close to the ice rink. I saw plenty of faces smashed against the glass right in front of me. The Philly Flyers versus the Phoenix Coyotes. Off the hook. High energy. Unfortunately, not too many fights. TV does hockey zero justice. I'm a fan now.
These fans in Philly are hilariously rude. When they announced the starters for the Coyotes, for each name, the fans shouted, "he sucks" really loud. Everytime the opposite team scored, curse word combinations I never heard before were yelled. This one time, somebody shouted "fire that muthaf*#$*a" really loud and the dude behind me stood up and shouted, "thank you brother, you took the words right out of my mouth, f#&@ him!" What a culture! I was thoroughly entertained.

makes me wanna go to a hockey game...have u ever been?

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