Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dark Knight

next weekend the dark knight comes out...probably the movie i was looking forward to the most...w/ comparison to "Heat" and "The Godfather II" you know I'm gonna be there...yessir!

me, niki, jerry, mario, and dre (my brothers) will be at the IMAX theater, front row (not really), where will you be???

8-minute "fly-on-the-wall" behind the scenes

I have never been to an IMAX theater, this will be my 1st movie in IMAX theater...I think its a good 1st...


Lorin said...

Hey man! You are going to love this IMAX movie. I'm seeing it on IMAX too. I refuse to see it any other way. My first was V for Vendetta and it was sick, so I know this one is going to blow us away. Batman Begins was incredible, I can only imagine what this one is going to be.

r.i.p. to probably the best/scariest joker any of us will ever see - heath ledger.

Stew said...

hope this movie does not disappoint. there has been WAY too much hype for it to suck

kid.a said...

@ lorin: yeah i've heard the IMAX theaters are great!!! Can't wait!!!

@stew: i've heard/read nothing but good stuff about this movie. to be honest, i was skeptical of the first one but after seeing i loved it.

the 1st one was a starter...but i think this one will be the finisher.

it sad but much of the hype around this movie is b/c of Heath Ledger death. RIP.

Autumn said...

Dang I guess since Karla and I weren't included on the list we won't be there! Let me know how it is in IMAX.