Thursday, July 10, 2008

what'd ya say?

random person in mall: Only with a silk scarf, and only if it's tucked in, like an ascot. It's the new thing, all the rage. The kids call it "The Jet."
me: (thinking to myself) wtf?!?

me: lesson learned = 187 times.
niki: daaaaaa-yuuhh--muuuhh
***one eight seven, yeah i killed that song.

in reference to The Bucket List
jt: its narrorated by morgan freeman, we are all comfortable with his voice now, its like being told a story by your grandfather, like how he narrorated shawshank redemption (which is a good movie by the way), it has the comedy, a little bit of action, it has the surprise like Shawshank Redemption minus the shankin'...
me: lol...

found this pic on a forum...
"is it me or does jay look crazy paranoid in this pic?"

the picture alone is hilarious...but check out some of the comments ppl left:

"if by paranoid u mean mad ugly then yea i agree."

"he's in his "rainman" mode.."

"snipers are watching him..."

"No wonder he looks paranoid. I wouldn't want to get caught bumming ricky gervais..."

this pic = +


Stew said...

he prolly got music in his head.

or at least that is what i hope. either that or he is mildly autistic.

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

lol@ stew...i go with mildly autistic!

kid.a said...

@stew: lol.

i can't help it but everytime i look at this pic, i start sure why i find it so funny.