Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy 4 Cult Art

A preview of the cool art that will be in the Crazy 4 Cult 2 expo in L.A. on Aug 22nd.

Data (Goonies) by Sean Clarity

Pee Wee by Kiersten Essenpreis

Ed Scissorhands piece by Shannon Bonatakis

The Torrances (The Shining) by Kirk Demarais

Staple Utopialores by Aaron Jasinski

Professional (The Professional) buy Ken Garduno

The Takedown by Chris B. Murray

compliments from /film


Stew said...

that is jay & silent bob in the last one right??

karrie b. said...

yea, these are all dope.


kid.a said...

@stew: yea i think you are right...it looks like jay & silent bob fighting it out w/ other characters.

@kb: yea my favorite is the first one....its data from the goonies!!!