Saturday, August 9, 2008

What'd ya say?

You know times are hard when Superman is asking for $$$...

~rip'd from f.m. phenom

Talking about the Atlanta Braves...
"Losing create a certain unease around this franchise - the same kind that confronts a reformed drunk who catches a wiff of a Jack and Coke. It's like that addiction is always there, waiting to retake control."
~The Atlanta Journal

Grape stomping gone wrong...OUCH!

After watching "BABY I'M BLACK (But only from the waist down)"
Niki: Did you watch the video?
Me: nah, not all of it....yo why does one of the guys in the video look like Jesus Christ Superstar? (pic)

About ATL heat...

Bro: "Man its hot!"
Me: " lie...I'm sweatin' like a cat in a chinese restaurant..."

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Stew said...

there was this chinese restaurant down the street from the boys club in raleigh, and we would always get food from there. but the director of the club would always joke about the food being cat.

do chinese people really eat cat??