Friday, August 22, 2008

Time to REWIND

Just a recap of what has been going on in my mind and life...

What the flipper purify?


I can relate to these post secret pics.

Actually, i do wear my hair like bobby dylan...

I wish I had a dog....his/her name = Bailey...Bailey Burton.


According to my lb, B. Hancock, the Iphone changed his life..."Honestly, after i got it, i couldn't believe how i lived without it...the got this facebook app..."

cool...funny things is tho...unless they can fix the bugs (i.e. heating up and causing the back plate to crack, and not working on the 3 g network "properly") via a patch or firmware update, they will probably release a new one in 6 months.

And although the iphone is (EXTREMELY) tempting and the fact that my cell phone contract has expired, i'm still holding out for the reason(s) listed above...

besides i wanna see how hancock's iphone EXPERIENCE pans

does anyone have one?


The Smashing Pumpkins concert was GREAT!!!!!

next concerts up, click names to see if they are coming to your city:
-Common & N.E.R.D. (ticket = bought)
-Musiq - haven't bought my ticket yet...anyone tryna go?
-Coldplay - tickets are crazy expensive $130+ (wtf!)...still thinking...hmmm...
-Mogwai (ticket = bought)
-Tegan & Sara (ticket = bought)
-Young Jeezy - kinda skeptical on this, not sure if i will like the crowd that this concert will attract. I'm sure it will be a great concert tho...he rock'd at (NC A&T) 05' homecoming concerto....

speaking of young jeezy, I heard good things about his new album, the recession...looking forward to the album...oh yeah my president is black too (hopefully)

heard game's new album (L.A.X.) in its entirety on the radio yesterday day (big ups to the beat 103')...i was actually surprised to find myself bobbing my head in the care...


Speaking of music, just tryna promote one of the best music mags out...

Download the new fader mag vol. 54 here


I know its August but...

Actually here is my pre-Christmas list:
-1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue (Made In Japan)
-Macbook Pro (17")
-Nikon F3 35 mm camera
-Obama as presidente!
-3 weeks in Tokyo


niki said she would leave me for John Mayer, Will Smith, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and another lame a$$ dude (can't remember his name)

my list:
-nia long - been lovin' her since 91' (boyz in the hood)
-stacy dash
-scarlett johasson
-halle berry
-zoe kravitz

now this all star line up could win some Gold Medals...yessir!


speaking of niki...she has been feeling a little under the weather...send her your love and get well wishes!


Anyone else enjoying the Olympics?

I am, I'll be kinda sad when it is over this sunday...


"what boobie gon do?"
~Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights

peace out!


DetroitRockCity said...

boobie miles is one of my favorite characters of all time!

niki.mac said...

i totally thought of you when i saw that bob dylan post card! AND the one about being with her now and loving her too.... believe it or not! for a second i thought.... is that armon?? lol

that picture doesn't even demonstrate half of the pain i was in this past week! uugh... look how swollen my neck was :(

i feel much better now... yay!

thank you for being there for me last weekend. i love you so much. from u bob dylan hair to ur extra pointy little toe :)

TiM said...

i like the dog one alot for some reason

....get an editor or go back to school.. sike.

Lorin said...

aww skeet skeet! just kidding. lol. i thought that was pretty funny myself. anyways, yeah, I've seen mogwai in concert before and it was awesome so i'm sure you'll have a good time. the boyfriend post on my blog is because it's too soon to tell...but i'm pretty sure. thanks for the congratulatory notes...peace bruh.