Friday, August 1, 2008


I know you have probably seen this already but I had to post is too funny not to post or look at it again.

Check out these photoshop'd pics of the supposed dope smuggler turned rapper from the Port of Miami, Rick Ross (RAWES!)

here are few follow the link to COMPLEX for the rest...

for the rest click here.

did they have to put him on blast like that?


DetroitRockCity said...

when i think im having a bad day, u always seem to post something that makes my week! lol

Stew said...

so they saying that rick ross used to be a cop???

i guess i am late. i did not know this

kid.a said...

detroitrockcity: thanks i'm glad i can make your day.

stew: nah your not late, its just that some ppl are making this bigger than it really is. name one rapper who hasn't lied about their previous or current lifestyle.