Friday, November 7, 2008

Addiction: Video games

Today was a sad day for the gaming world after hearing about a Canadian teen named Brandon Crisp and he, like may kids his age (15) and older, played video games. A few weeks ago his parents became concerned about their son after realizing his "addiction" to playing Call of Duty 4...and after seeing how it was affecting their son's social life and grades, they decided to take away his Xbox 360.

This action ended up backfiring on them and Brandon ran away...this happened almost a month ago on October 10th...

I was hoping this story would end happily but unfortunately it didn't. Sources have reported that on November 5th hunters discovered what is believed to be Brandon's body in a field near what had been the police search area. An autopsy is currently underway to determine the cause of death and confirm the identity. Sources said they didn't suspect foul play. Click HERE for the developing story.

This story is so sad and I can relate to it b/c I, like Brandon and millions of other kids around the world, play video games. Although I don't play them as much as I used to, I understand the "dependency" that people have on them (whether good or bad).

I also understand the concern the parents had...When I was younger my mother took away my Playstation too...b/c of my supposedly "addiction". It ended up working for me and I realized how much time I was spending/wasting playing it but that doesn't mean it is the only way to address/fix this "problem".

Ironically, the game I play the most right now is Call of Duty 4.

When they eventually address gaming addiction there will be a fight to point the blame. Do you blame a video game company b/c they delivering product, the family or both?


niki.mac said...

this is really sad.

and when I read this I thought of your brother... clearly he's not that bad, but he is addicted!

Stew said...

i do not know why but i laughed when i first read about this story a few days ago. but now that i know it is a possibility that he is dead then it is not all that funny.

when i was younger i knew when i could and could not play the game. and i did not disobey those orders because i did not want the shit kicked out of me.

if you as me, the blame goes completely on the parents. you can not blame the company for making video games. it is not like cigarettes where there is a chance that it could KILL you with every passing minute. the parents have to set rules, and then enforce those rules. in this case, the parents did just that, but it is not their fault that their kid was being a brat and decided to run away.