Friday, September 12, 2008

Alex Melamid

Alex Melamid is a Russian painter and performance artist who's interest in the Hip-Hop world helped inspire his latest exhibit, "HOLY HIP-HOP!"

check out a few of his works for the show below:

Marc Ecko - oil on canvas

Reverend Run - oil on canvas

Snoop Dogg - oil on canvas

Russel Simmons - oil on canvas

Whoo Kid - oil on canvas

Common - oil on canvas

Don Magic Juan - oil on canvas

Easy Mo Bee - oil on canvas

Kanye - oil on canvas

Lil Jon' - oil on canvas

Check out the rest of him & his work here


niki.mac said...

i love this!

by the way.... since you wear contacts now, what about the name of ur blog???

Stew said...

that kanye is the hottest.

i think it is the chain that make it hot

kid.a said...

@ niki: hmm that is a good questions...i was thinking about that the other clear contacts??? nah!!!

@stew: yea i'm sure niki noticed the kanye pic too. she wouldn't admit it but she's a kanye west fanatic! I remember I said how lame I thought he can be and she threatened to make me sleep on the!?

thelma said...

i love the pics! but why the hell would someone paint magic don juan or whatever the hell his name is?!?!?!?!?