Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last Week pics.

A few pics from Niki's last weekend before leaving for Italy for a few pics to make larger...

On Friday, I received my new camera...Nikon F3-HP

On Saturday, putting the F3 in action in Jacksonville...

Niki and I by the seaside...

A huge piece of Cheesecake.

Visits Niki's post for more pics from this weekend and Sunday.

Fast forwarding to Monday, Niki finds time to study a little Italian during lunch...

After lunch we headed to Father and Son's

One of the best jackets in there...this is my Wilt Chamberlain steez..."Get off me b!tch!"

the various levels of the stache'...nice form!

Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu


A weird Ronald McDonald lego statue...

Creepy clown painting...

Niki and her jacket...reminiscing of what could have been back in high school.

El Santo

Niki's family held a going away/Memorial day cookout...Niki's Dad prepping the food.

Mackenzie' hustle...selling chocolates and stuff...yea she got me for a box of Carmel & Pecan chocolate square-shaped candy...

Maxx Cady himself...maxin' and relaxin'

Although we miss you Niki, we are extremely proud and happy of you!


niki.mac said...

first of all, i love the new header pictures.... i was cracking up just looking at them!

these pictures are great! i was trying on that band uniform because i wanted to be cool like santogold in that "my drive thru" video.

you should have bought that coat!! lol

D.Son said...

Awww... i love the love u share in ur pics. i like when people are able to express their feelings through art. And i can see that through the photography of your girlfriend!!

big ups to black love ::MESSAGE::