Sunday, September 7, 2008

46" LCD = $38.45

I just bought 4 46"lcd from amazon for $550!!!!!!

Someone at Amazon seriously f*ck'd up b/c they marked a 46" Sharp Aquos LCD TV for $ joke, check the pic.

Unfortunately, the price is correct now...but my transaction receipt still reads $38.45...

I immediately called my credit card company and the reassured me that if the price is incorrect and the company realizes it after you made the order, they that can't charge me more unless they contact me 1st and if I agree to the "new/correct" price.

There were other tv's marked down to $40 in various sizes...but they were gone/corrected by the time I found out.

Worst case scenerio: the company cancels my order I get my $$$ back.

So we'll see what happens...I'll probably get a phone call on Monday from Amazon to tell me that they are canceling the order...

Thank you GIZMODO (<- click for article) for the heads up!

1 comment:

Stew said...

now here i am two days late mad as hell because i need a tv bad as hell.

you gonna have to text me or something next time you come across stuff like this