Monday, September 8, 2008

Watch ya mouth...No Homo

my lb, quiet, introduced me to this phrase "Pause aka No Homo" four & 1/2 yrs was funny at first, especially when he said it, but when everyone followed got outta hand. It was so bad that you couldn't even have a convo w/ some ppl...every other word flying outta their mouth was "No Homo"...

Here is an old person's guide to the "No Homo" phrase.

by Jay Smooth

thanks niki for putting me on to this guy (No Homo)...he is pretty good (No Homo).


niki.mac said...

yea... i always hated that whole thing... he did a good job of breakin it down!

Stew said...

DAMN!!!!! that was a fantastic video. i think imma start going to that guy's blog.

i always hated that shit. it is one of the more stupid things that people my opinion

no homo

NormmyNorm said...

LOL, I agree. Just let it's over.

karrie b. said...

even my homegirls and i used an occasional "pause" lol


kid.a said...

@normmynorm: play'd out but its still funny when you occasionally use amongst it amongst your friends.

@kb: like jay smooth said "You find yourself saying it w/out even realizing it..."