Thursday, June 19, 2008

from buckwheat to prince akeem to donkey

i decided to write this post after hearing that Eddie Murphy after seeing a movie trailer for his next film, Meet Dave

In 30 yrs, Edward Regan Murphy (better know as Eddie Murphy) went from a comical genius playing and creating various characters on SNL (such as Buckwheat) to playing a one dimensional animated Donkey in Shrek (1, 2, & 3).

From 1980 - 1992, he was the funniest man on earth and rightfully filled the shoes of his mentor and friend, Richard Pryor. He had a string of hits that are considered classic such as; 48 hrs, Trading Places, Eddie Murphy Delirious, Beverly Hills Cop, The Golden Child, Coming to America, Harlem Nights, Boomerang...and discovered other comical genius along the way, Martin Lawrence (Tyler in Boomerang), Damon Wayans (Banana guy in Beverly Hills Cop), Chris Rock (Bony T in Boomerang), and eventually Dave Chapelle (Reggie Washington in Nutty Professor)

How did he eventually fall from grace you ask? Well, his career took a dive for the worse after Boomerang (1992) w/ The Distinguished Gentleman (1992), fans and hopefuls hoped that his next movie would bring him back home, but instead he followed up w/ another dud Beverly Hill Cop III.

The rest of his career after that reads like a the games on WII sports, its hit or miss and looking at the movies that he has coming out it doesn't look like its gonna get any better. He looks like he is going to continue to take the checks and make movies that make him look like a dumb(ass).

R.I.P. to Eddie Murphy' career (circa 1980 - 1992)

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niki.mac said...

yea eddie has really made some "interesting" career choices....

....almost as interesting as his choice of accessories on that album cover!!