Sunday, June 15, 2008

what'd ya say?!?

i apologize for the explicit language.

"If you can dance, you can f**k. [white] girls try to dance all smooth like a snake. They do it like thissssss (reenactment)....i can't get down w/ that...I DON'T WANT TO F**K A SNAKE, I WANT TO F**K A HO!!!!"

-You can take em' out the hood but...

"WTF?!? This is un-be-liev-ABLE!!!" (my disbelief after game 4 of the NBA finals)
~yours truly

~my bro (while playing Call of Duty 4)

N: "You are always talking about me..."
A: "Huh??? What???
N: "Talking about this or that..."
A: "No i don't wait a min....Could you be, the most beautiful girl in the world? Plain to see...."
N & A: LOL

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