Wednesday, June 25, 2008

80 floors & 360 degrees

Dubai, the city w/ artificial islands (shaped like palm trees), ski resorts in the middle of the desert, another island project which will resemble the globe....just added another high profile, luxury, top-of-the-line ($$$$$) project to their list...The Dynamic Tower.

click HERE for vid and explanation.

If you happen to have 3.7 to 36 million in the bank, you can reserve yours today!

click HERE for some more examples of Dubai Architecture.



Stew said...

that place ain't for normal people. you have to have and ASS of money, and nothing to do to be interested in some of the craziness they got going on.

radicalAPE said...

dubai is awesome, but its progress scares the shit outta me. and not just bc i'm america, but because 90 percent of the shit thats happening over there, doesnt seem like its supposed to happen for another 50 years.

niki.mac said...

yes! lets go :)

NormmyNorm said...

I heard it was nice. My girl went there last fall. Her father lives out there.