Sunday, June 1, 2008

coffee table + books

Tupac Shakur Legacy is an official interactive biography of Tupac Shakur released by Jamal Joseph. It features unseen family photographs, intimate stories, and over 20 removable reproductions of his handwritten song lyrics, contracts, scripts, poetry, and other personal papers. The reproductions include replicas of Tupac's personal notebooks, letters and written plans, along with directions to where Tupac's ashes were said to be spread. A great book for any Tupac fan.


Stew said...

never was a huge tupac fan. i was not old enough to understand the music when he was out.

but i like this segment though (coffee table + books) keep them coming.

and they say black folks don't read...

kid.a said...

ironically, i didn't get into/listen to 2pac till after his death. i remember when he died i was in the 6th grade, it was during p.e., since it was my first class that morning, we were watching "Channel One"...they spent the whole segment talking about him.

before then i didn't know much about him but now i'm a huge fan!!!