Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Auction of the century.

I'm sure you heard of the upcoming Michael Jackson Auction on April 24th and the rumored 200+ things being auction...i think they underestimated a little...b/c The auction company, Julien's, just released the auction catalog and its 240+ pgs worth of stuff...below are a few pics from this catalog...







His arcade collection (50+ pgs) could have rivaled some arcades in japan (10 yrs ago)...

He also had thing for life sized dolls...the Red Power Ranger, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Bruce Lee are just a few...

Stuff that is missing from this auction: 
-Sly Stone and the Family catalog (Publishing Rights)
-Beatles Catalog (Publishing Rights)
-Elephant Man remains
-hyperbaric oxygen chamber
-a bottle of Jesus Juice
-and the real E.T. (I know MJ has him)...

To see the rest of his MJ's auction Catalog click HERE.


niki.mac said...

yea, i kind of want the auction book just as like a coffee table book! the stuff he owns is just crazy, just like him!

"and the real E.T. (I know MJ has him)..." <--- you are crazy!!! hahhaha

Stew said...

i plan on going to auction. im going to try and get the popcorn machine

s a s h a said...

holy shit
i wish i had cash flow like that to buy the arcade.

I miss the good ol days.

TiM said...

the xmen arcade is priceless