Friday, April 18, 2008

high fidelity

i finally hooked up my record player the other night and listened to a few oldies that i brought back from home.

here are a few records that i pick'd up:
otis redding - Anthology
sly stone and the family - Greatest Hits
whitney houston - Whitney Houston
eddie murphy - Party All the Time
diana ross - Silk Electric
allman brothers - At Fillmore East Live
michael jackson - Thriller
donny hathaway - In Performance
ike and tina - Live! The Ike & Tina Turner Show

whats the first record i put on you ask?!?

"EDDIE MURPHY - Party All The Time" this is my sh!t right

what the classic music vid here -> link

then i put on the ike and tina record. although there relationship isn't much to be desired, the music they made and the performances that they did were unbelievable and it shows in this live album.

i guess i lost some friends on the eddie murphy record huh ola? lol...

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