Sunday, April 27, 2008

rot your teeth out.

I'm not a real big candy person anymore but when I was younger I ate candy as a substitute for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (maybe that is why i'm so small) All of my cavities came from Skittles...I was addicted...I would mix them w/ gum (when the flavor ran out) or i would put them in soda...But mom-dukes got tired of taking me to the dentist and she slowed down my Skittles consumption. So I found a new addiction...

PEZ candy. Everything a growing kid needs:

Sugar, glucose, syrup,
citric acid,
emulsifier: E471;
hydrogenated vegetable fat,
E 104, E 124, E 132;

When I was younger used to have a goofy PEZ dispenser. I think I bought it at the $1 Tree and it also came a gang of PEZ candy....never got a cavity from PEZ, so mom-dukes was cool with me eating them...

The good ol' days...

An artist by the name of Atypyk customizes his PEZ dispensers, taking them from a sugar high dispenser to a piece of art. Indulge yourself at the gallery (link).

I love the fact that modifications are very subtle and refined.

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Niki.Mac said...

LOL at "Everything a growing kid needs"

Yea, PEZ was the best! I used to collect Betty Boop PEZ dispensers...

By the way, I'm adding you to my blogroll.... because your blog is cooler than mine and deserves to be seen.

That means people will start coming to your blog, and they will leave comments. SO, you should 1) take away the word verification thingie... its annoying! and 2) make the comments come up in a pop up!

Thanks ;)