Friday, October 3, 2008

coffee table + books: Art and Sole

Where art and sneakers collide. Art and Sole by InterCity Design is a book is split into two sections, the first looks at sneakers designed by artists and the second looks at artwork inspired and or funded by sneaker brands – from sculptures made from dissected shoes, to oil paintings on canvas, and even the customisation of the shoes themselves.

Who doesn't love sneakers?!? Can you ever have enough shoes?!?


Stew said...

to be honest...i am not a big shoe fan. i never had many growing up, and now that i am grown i can not pay more than 50 for a pair of shoes. i am the antithesis of a sneaker head

niki.mac said...

i saw this book at Urban Outfitters... its pretty fantabulous

Dope Fiend said...