Thursday, October 2, 2008

Preview of the Palin vs. Biden Debates???

Sorry I'm a CNN junkie...I had to get my fix last night and came across this vid...

Her beauty pageant answer baffles me everytime and now I'm more confused than ever. In case you missed it rewind the vid to the 3 min!?

I hope she has been reading and studing the Dictionary, Guinness Book of World Records, and Almanac to prepare for this debate...

As for Biden, if he can keep it to the facts and stray away from saying something crazy...Obama's camp, supporters and ppl worldwide can claim another victory.

One last thing, if she has her hair down or is sporting some new glasses or has an antenna coming out of her back pocket then she is wearing an earpiece (cheating!)...I called it, you heard it here first...

watch, learn, and listen.



Stew said...

she would have been better off saying:
"I agree with every other decision that the supreme court made......ever"

she makes incompetency look like a well polished skill. if she was on NBA Live or on Madden her awareness would be like 12.

if they wanted someone to be vice prez and not know what they hell they were doing, they should have just given me a call

kid.a said...

@stew: ur a fool...the madden rating = LMAO!!! dayum you had me cracking up at work!