Thursday, October 2, 2008

Iphone Patch Panorama Pics

Using its subpar camera and some skillful manual stitching, you can actually create some incredible patchwork panoramas. check out a few of p0psharlow works below:

Click the pics below to make them bigger!

This is one is composed of an incredible 142 separate shots.

for more click here.


Stew said...

that is an insane amount of work. i could do it though.

but it would take alot of alcohol for me to concentrate

Adrianne M said...

wowzas! that's amazing

kid.a said...

@stew: lol...enough alcohol huh?!?

@adrianne: yea its pretty impressive! but like stew i wish i had the patience and time to do somehting like this....let alone i wish i had the

Dope Fiend said...

that's pretty amazing! think imma try it out!