Monday, January 19, 2009

No Degree Required?


Ran across this article on CNN...not sure how accurate it is but according to CBSalary (and CNN) here are 10 (of 20) highest paying jobs that DO NOT require a college degree...

FYI I heard #2 was one of the most stressful jobs you could ever have...

1. Margin department supervisor
Salary: $83,579/year
Primary duties: Overseeing a company's credit department, which manages customer credit accounts and approves or denies credit to customers.

2. Air traffic controller
Salary: $74,922/year
Primary duties: Controlling air traffic around airports according to established procedures and policies to ensure flight safety.

3. Automobile service station manager
Salary: $72,246/year
Primary duties: Supervising gas stations and planning and implementing policy and procedure like hours of operation, workers' duties and prices for products and services.

4. Real estate broker
Salary: $71,994/year
Primary duties: Securing real-estate transactions, selling real estate, renting properties and arranging loans.

5. Web surfer
Salary: $70,604/year
Primary duties: Scouring through multiple Web sites to analyze and compare information and user experiences to collect information to help companies understand online users' behaviors.

6. Lead carpenter
Salary: $63,345/year
Primary duties: Leading the on-site completion of construction projects and performing all types of carpentry work and finishing.

7. Cable supervisor
Salary: $60,887/year
Primary duties: Supervising the activities of workers engaged in installation, maintenance and cable repair.

8. Chemical supervisor
Salary: $57,472/year
Primary duties: Overseeing workers who make chemical products, verifying that chemical processes are followed.

9. Home-care aide supervisor
Salary: $56,157/year
Primary duties: Directing aides who mind for elderly or disabled people in a home environment, and monitoring the quality and quantity of services provided.

10. Medical facility housekeeping manager
Salary: $55,368/year
Primary duties: Managing the workers and housekeeping program in medical facilities to uphold sanitary and orderly conditions.

Click HERE to see the rest of the list...


D.Son said...

honestly, i'm not quite surprised. and i've come to the conclusion that a college degree does not mean of opportunity my a$$

...our opportunity lies in the hands of the wealthy

karrie b. said...

ill just get my degree...


Adrianne M said...

I watched a special the other night on 20/20 called "what are you worth" and it was talking about how college really isnt worth it! in today time, alot of people are trained! college is more about the experience rather than the education... after 4 years, people come out with $40,000+ of debt.
im not gonna lie, it was very convincing.

Stew said...

this is very misleading because it is sounding like you can just come straight out of high school and make this kind of money. they do not tell you that these people started out making next to nothing and had to climb their way to the these salaries. except for the air traffic controller. it would take more time for you to get to a point to where you are making this money that it does to just go to college and get your degree.

as far as the debt thing goes, there is a good chance that if you do not go to college you will still end up with that kind of debt. people will still get loans from bank and open credit card accounts and run up the same kind of bills.

kid.a said...

@stew: good pts. this article is very misleading and i didn't really think about it until after i posted it. glad you brought up those pts on "climbing their way up" ideal.

and your right debt b/c i know a lot of ppl who have alot of debt and didn't go to least students have something to show for it...if they graduated of course.

[]LL[]93-33 said...

most of these jobs' salary factor in experience.. experience trumps education alot of times. as for the air traffic controller.. i work along side these guys in the marine corps and i'll be the first to tell you.. these doods dont have it all that bad.. weather is also another one of these fields.. although i dont have my degree, the credits i get from going to my military occupational specialty school gets me the credits needed to have one (a degree) i can get out now after 5 years and get a half way decent paying job and work my way up to a nice salary.. but i rather get the experience in the military and skip all that working my way up..