Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bonnie Gene....and barack's progress d.i.y. posters

yeah it's clear who i am rootin' for...i've mentioned or left hints in previous post...

i was at work today...doing the usually, providing tech. support and saving one computer every 16 and 1/2 mins (according to my boss, this is the supposed time it is suppose to take us to solve/fix a computer). so i was on the phone with a 68 yr old lady named Bonnie Gene Wilson from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). Surprisingly (not really) it was her first time using a computer and she needed help installing windows vista on her the way this is out the scope of my job description...but i felt sorry for her b/c she was completely lost and i wanted to help her.

so after i painstakingly walked her through the set up and while vista is loading, we started talking about the upcoming presidential election. it was interesting to here her views on America, the election and it candidates. so to summarize her comments:

Hillary (Billary) = doesn't like besides she said the Clinton's (bill) had their turn, so...
Barack = although she doesn't know much about him she likes (especially his wife, Michelle) and McCain = doesn't trust, dislikes the most....actually, i take that back, she hates bush the

so just outta curiosity i asked her who Canada's Prime Minister was...and she couldn't tell me. it was kinda funny that she knew more about and paid more attention to american politics than her own country's. there is nothing wrong with that i guess...but it makes you wonder...and she goes on to say that the rest of Canada feels the same...tired/hate bush and want change.

even though she lives in another country, she is still concerned as much as we are about changing the current mentality/mindset, politics, and well-being of the ppl and the good ol' u.s. of a.

after we got done talking about politics and vista was done loading, she suckered me in w/ her "helpless old lady voice" helping her play a peom cd that she had...she wanted to here this one particular poem from Alice in Wonderland called "The Mouse's tale "...

interesting call huh?

oh yeah click here for the link to the 8.5″ x 11″ barack's progress d.i.y. poster created by artist Shepard Fairey. color it, use it as a stencil for a shirt, post it everywhere, etc...

man the young Senator is really picking up momentum, having won the Mississippi primary yesterday evening...big up's to Mississippi!

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