Sunday, March 30, 2008

i ride a bike to work everyday...and white chicks love it!

Creative Director Yorgo Tloupas of Intersection Magazine recently gave us a look at a sneaker meets bike design. Incorporating the utilitarian bicycle, the wheels have been replaced with special wheels outfitted with 8 pairs of separate sneakers. Watch the bike Fred Flinstone-esque bike in action, sort of (link). i don't know why but i could not stop laughing...lmao!

oh yeah, the post title is from a guy met this weekend at the Aggie Alum date auction. he is probably the most annoying person i've met since i've been down here. I'm not sure if he was drunk or if it was just his personality but some of things he would say and/or do were so stupid and absurd...i was gettin tired of him and he wasn't even talking to cornball!

he also had this tie-dye dress shirt on...the tie-dye was carolina blue, so it looked like clouds in the sky...he said he washed some "stone-washed jeans with this (white) shirt...and that is why it looks like this..." not sure if he was trying to be funny but one thing is for sure, the shirt was ugly as hell...the forecast on his shirt was better than the weather outside that

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