Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day

its the middle of the week and i'm (we) are only a few days away from the weekend. Yesssss!!!! lol, its sad but it seems as though the only days i look forward to are the, you'll understand!!! since the weekend is near, i gotta start thinking about what i'm gonna do this weekend...hmmm...but first lets go back to last weekend and check off that list i made, lets see:

Medieval Times = nah, rescheduled for next month...its a shame b/c i had a coupon, but when i/we go everyone should be in town (fingers crossed!)

verdict = it was probably better that we didn't go since everyone was outta town or busy.

Shopping = Yessir!!! it was payday and i was feeling goooood! so i bought a few things:
-cotton cardigan from american apparel. i know, i know, i already have few but they are too think to wear for the spring...

-i hit up WISH (link) and bought a hat and 2 shirts...can't never have enough of either.

-i bought 6 records from Wax N Facts (link) in little 5 pts. my new project = collecting records!
-3 donny hathaway records (everything is everything, donny hathaway, and extension of a man)
-Feist - let it die
-Radiohead - in rainbows
-Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae
-got a few more coming in the mail....can't wait!!!!

-i went to the mall, lenox, and it was packed!!! hella ppl in there!! I can't remember the last thing i bought from the mall...oh wait a min...i bought some dress up clothes for work, boo...that doesn't! but I ran into my best friend, KARLA!!! GLAD UR BACK!!!!
verdict = great, bought what i planned to buy, well almost everything, and ran/hung out with KARLA!

Movie = i saw "The Bank Job" on Saturday w/ mi amiga Xanthia. pretty decent movie, one of the better movies in the theaters right now. i think i might see that dr. seuss movie or the movie about gambling, 21...i think...

verdict = good choice, a lot better than the last one we saw (Vantage Point)

Clubbin'/Bar Hoppin' = after the movies Xanthia and I, finally (lol) found our way to The M Bar (link) and supposedly we met the best mojito maker in Atlanta and i'm not gonna lie his drinks were pretty darn good! "The M Bar" has a cool crowd, older w/ a mix of a 'few' young(er) ppl here and there. the one thing i like about this bar is the fact that you don't have to pay to get in. In NC it seems you gotta pay to get in to every bar, club, lounge, pool cover/door charge here, gotta love ATL.

verdict = good drinks, good convo, good times!

Food and Sleep
= on sunday (happy easter), me and my brother ate a Bahama Breeze. Never been crazy about the place but he was paying so i couldn't/can't complain. Honestly, I did not realize that Bahama Breeze was a chain...the only one i knew of is in Raleigh, NC...hmm! and of course afterwards my ~itis kicked in! lol
verdict = decent food, great nap!

so whats good for this weekend you ask...hmm...good question. how about...more shopping, movies, and clubbin/bar hoppin'?!? sounds good to me! if your in atl and are tryna ride, holla at a gee!

p.s. i feel like eating sushi this weekend, Ricky are you down?!? and how does Halo Lounge (link) sound?!?

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