Saturday, March 1, 2008


yawning is person, over the phone, in the next room...if someone else is yawning you'll find yourself yawing with them...

yo ppl still rock fanny packs...i saw someone w/ one the other day. i couldn't believe my eyes.

w/ gas prices possibly rising to $4.00 and up...i'm thinking about getting a moped.

the nba is fun again...well...more interesting again w/ the trades and all...but who cares about pro ball, march madness is about to begin!

i want a dog...a beagle to be exact...when and if i get one, i'm gonna name him/her bailey.

billary is getting on my nerves. i never joined the band wagon in saying that bill was the 1st blk president...someone once asked barack what he thought about bill being considered the 1st blk pres...he responded by saying "idk, i never saw how he dances..." lol

besides espn...i think the history and the discovery channel have some of the best programs on t.v.

nes (nintendo) had the best video game covers...megaman 2, tmnt, ninja gaiden, castelvania, bionic commando...just to name a few...

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