Sunday, March 16, 2008

Taste of Kansas City...mmmh mmm

me and ricky went out to eat at this bbq place today....dayum it was delicious!!!! we had a coupon to another restaurant (a sports bar called Diggers) but when we found out that it was only valid sunday - thursday...we decided to go to KC Pit BBQ...i'm glad that we did.

not only do they have some of the best bbq food that i have ever tasted, they also have live entertainment, tonight there was a band performing. pic below.

oh yeah its a bargin get a lot of food and its not expensive....
my order: 1/2 chicken (breast, wing and leg) + 2 sides (mac and cheese & yams) + toast = $12.82
ricky's order: 1/2 chicken + 1/2 rack of ribs + 2 sides (mac and cheese & pork and beans) + toast = $16.87

i have food still left over...tomorrows lunch.

yeah xan you missed out!!!!

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Granny Hands said...

I know! I'm not going anywhere this weekend cause I missed the food adventure. Sounds like Ricky orderd 2 isles out of the grocery store! Who has left overs?