Friday, March 7, 2008


-alicia keys tickets are going on sale (pre-sale) in a few hours...i think i have found a/the presale code on-line...hopefully it works! if not i guess i'll have to wait till next week, dayum! if it works i'll let ya know!

-i "got" and listened to the new gnarls barkley album - the odd couple...pretty solid! i'm diggin it! speaking of the gnarls barkley, i read on some sight that their new video for "Run" can here for info. no worries...and yes i'm gonna buy the album!

-i wish the loveline podcasts were still free...they have gone corporate and are charging folks now.

-man, michael jackson is famous (or infamous depending on how you look at) isn't he? who is more famous/infamous than him....hmm? oprah?

-yo the jordan 1's black/red hi's aka the banned jordan are being released this winter...dayum can't wait! link

-oh yeah the alternate ending to "i am legend" isn't any better, its generic and blah like the original...

-baseball spring training has started! yeah i know i might be alone on this i am ready ...hopefully the braves will return to prominence.

-unc vs duke this saturday! if you're not a fan of either team than you wouldn't understand the intensity of these games...

-waffle, waffle, spit, spit giraffe, giraffe...

two fingers out!

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